International Workshop on Mesoscale Processes and Deep
Water Circulation in the South China Sea
October 13-15, 2017
The South China Sea (SCS) is the largest semi-enclosed marginal sea of the west North Pacific. The SCS circulation comprise complicated processes from sub-mesoscale to basin scale with time scales from diurnal to decadal. The SCS Throughflow influences the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean significantly. The deep water circulation, e.g. the SCS overturning, also contributes to these processes. This workshop will provide a platform for exchanging and sharing ideas and results on studies of the mesoscale processes and deep water circulation in the SCS. 

If an official invitation letter for applying visa for travelling to China is requested, please specially notify the Local  Organizing Committee as early as possible.

Organized by:  First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration
  Laboratory for Regional Oceanography and Numerical Modeling, Qingdao
  National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology
  Key Laboratory of Marine Science and Numerical Modeling, State Oceanic Administration


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